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Signature Difference

Signature Homes gives you…

A Wonderful Building Experience

The distinctive difference that Signature Homes brings to your custom home building project is simply a wonderful building experience. We build custom homes because want to give you the house of your dreams. With us, the enjoyment starts not when you move into your new home, but the first day we get together to discuss the project. We know how discouraging it can be to face all the planning, paperwork and people involved, only to discover that you’ve just scratched the surface. Building a home is not an easy task, but it does not have to make you wish you could take it back. Half the pleasure of a custom home is in watching it take form and seeing it to completion; your home, built by you, the way you want it.

Signature Homes will work with you on your custom home from start to finish. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your new home, and the first step is knowing what building one entails. We make it part of the planning stage to describe what the building process will be like so you know what to expect at every juncture. From design to groundbreaking all the way up to the finishing touches, we are available for consultation on all details of the project. We provide you with cost breakdowns, information on permits, advice on materials and much more so that you can feel confidently at ease throughout the building process.

At Signature Homes

We Ensure Quality

By adhering to the strictest industry standards, we provide quality assurance that allows you to relax so you can focus on getting every nook and cranny just the way you envisioned it would be. We love our job, and we give it our all with trust and integrity as the principles that form the bookends of every project we undertake.

Passion for Building

We want to share the excitement of custom home building with you. Though challenging and at times strenuous, we know that the building of your custom home will be an achievement to be proud of. Join us as we pore over design concepts, visit open houses and walk through your construction site. Come along for the ride as we make yet another dream come true. 

Expect Superior Design

At Signature Homes we all take pride in enthusiasm for design, which allows us to continually seek out new concepts and to combine different styles and match them up to different locations to provide you with a wide array of attractive choices for your custom home. We are also proud of being green builders. We build energy efficient homes in San Antonio and the surrounding areas to help you reduce both your carbon footprint and your energy bills. Our green homes are built to EPA standards without suffering cuts in aesthetic appeal, functionality, quality, or design efficiency.

Signature Homes Provides…

Comprehensive Warranties

Through ProHome International, we provide you with warranty and home maintenance service programs through a Builder’s Warranty Management Program. The Home Maintenance Plan, renewable annually, entitles Home Maintenance Members to simple maintenance tasks like window washing, gutter cleaning, and painting as well as 24-hour emergency service at discounted labor rates, quality workmanship guaranteed. The Home Protection Program offers a one-year extended warranty for homes of any age, and a four-year extended warranty available to homeowners within six months of the house closing date. This warranty is effective after the one-year common builder’s warranty for materials, workmanship and structural defects, and is effective through year five. Available for both single family and multi-family homes, this warranty provides comprehensive coverage on appliances, plumbing, electrical, and more.

When you have a warranty issue, we are just a phone call away and can send a contractor to assess and resolve the issue promptly. We are always here to assist you, and you will also be able to communicate directly with your contractors for convenience in case you need more work done later on.


Frequently Asked Questions….

1.  Can Signature Homes build on a lot that I own?

We will be happy to look over your property and discuss your custom home plans.

2.  Can Signature Homes help me find a suitable property for my home?

We have several lots available in prime areas and have reliable contacts in the real estate business who can assist in locating the best spot for your new custom home.

3.   Does Signature Homes assist with financing for new home building?

We can assess your home financing needs and put you in touch with reputable mortgage brokers who will take care of your specific needs.

4.  Do you have a list of references?

We have a long list of satisfied customers who can share their wonderful experience with Signature Homes with you.

5.  What is the time-frame for building my custom home?

With our comprehensive building plan, Signature Homes completes new homes in six months on average, quality and integrity assured.


Contact Signature Homes to schedule a consultation and find out about our quarterly giveaway. Browse through our site to see our featured projects and latest offerings. You can also download our brochure for tips on buying land in Texas. Let’s get started on your custom home today!!!!

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