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Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Designing Spaces
Spray Foam Insulation Modern Marvels

Imagine your heating and cooling bills instantly cut in half! What would you do with all of the extra money? Stop daydreaming because SEALECTION 500 can help you reduce your home heating and cooling costs with its innovative space-age foam product.

SEALECTION 500 is the modern answer for home insulation that can reduce your electric and gas bills by as much as 50 percent and your HVAC tonnage as much as 40 percent without any loss of efficiency or comfort.SEALECTION 500 is applied to your home’s inner wall space as a liquid and it then expands 120 times its original volume into a honeycombed system of microscopic cells. SEALECTION 500 is also environmentally friendly, with no ozone depleting chemicals and no decomposition, making it an efficient choice for years to come.

Instantly, your home is more energy efficient. Areas such as baseboards, headers, seal plates and spaces around windows, doors, electrical plates and pipes are sealed air tight against the outside world. The cool air inside your home stays inside in the summer. Your home is also warmer in the winter. Not to mention all of the important eco-friendly benefits of reducing your carbon footprint.

Studies by the Department of Energy show that 40% of a home’s energy is lost as the result of air infiltration through the walls, causing home owners to use more energy and thus will cost homeowners more in the long run. SEALECTION 500 is not only spray foam insulation, but also helps to air seal the building and eliminates air leakage. This tighter air seal can lead to a healthier habitat with protection from contaminates such as dust and dirt from finding their way into the walls, as well as problems with mold and mildew. SEALECTION 500 can be efficient in helping airflow, and also prevents potential costly problems due to water and moisture damages.

SEALECTION 500 is also quieter! Spraying the instillation will reduce the noise level drifting through the walls, making it ideal for homes.

Best of all, your home is more energy efficient and your heating and cooling bills are cut nearly in half.

Contact us today for a free consultation about using SEALECTION 500 in your home. It could be the biggest money saving move you can make this year!

Solar Energy

How Solar Energy Panels Work

Looking for an easy way to reduce your electricity costs? It’s easy, just look above your head.Solar energy is one of the easiest ways to lower your energy costs while doing something good for the environment.

Have you ever seen your electric meter run backwards? Well, there are more than 10,000 homes across the country that are entirely powered by solar power. Many of these homes actually produce excess energy and are selling that extra power back to their electric company when their electric meter runs backward. Strange, but true.

As the technology evolves, the price of solar power is considerably becoming cheaper. For example, a custom home was built in Massachusetts for $35,000 less than it would have cost to build a conventional custom home. While that’s a great savings, add on the fact that their heating, cooling and electric bill runs only $100 a month and it’s easy to see the great benefits of going solar!

For a net monthly payment of as little as $9 per month, your home can enjoy a five kilowatt solar power system powering your home. Don’t forget to ask us about all of the great benefits of using solar power on your home today!

Geothermal Energy

Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling

A bunch of hot air can truly save you a lot of money. No, we’re not talking about our local politicians. We’re specifically speaking about geothermal energy, and it’s a big cost saving gift from Mother Nature.

Geothermal energy leverages the heat of the Earth to provide heating and cooling for your home. Every year, tens of thousands of homes are using this free natural renewable resource to cut their energy costs. This equipment needed to tap geothermal energy used to be expensive, but innovative new technology is making it more affordable for even moderate income households.

All of this means going green will keep more green in your pocket! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, using geothermal energy saves a typical household 30-70 percent in heating costs and 20-50 percent in cooling costs compared to conventional energy solutions.

Be sure to thank Mother Nature!

For more details on saving money with modern geoexchange systems, be sure to ask our representative today!

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